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cutecatenvoy's Journal

Warrant Officer Schrödinger
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Name: Schrödinger.
Four Walling: Yes! Just don't spoil what happens in the epilogue.
Age: Unknown (older than he looks).
Status: Alive and in the City.
Series: Hellsing (Manga).
Housing: Everywhere and nowhere. Building # 6, apt # 44.
Personal Relationship: None. He doesn't love anyone. He can't.
Alignment: Villain.
Personality: Schrödinger might appear adorable and eager child, but he is also a kid in morals (without discerning good from evil, uncaring for each) and feelings that would never grow up. As such, he is as cruel as most children are, especially those created and raised by Insane, Undead Vampires who seek an endless war. He delights to see death and destruction like those were fun games, of those who oppose his allies and those he calls his allies. It doesn’t matter who dies, it’s just fun to see it.

Certainly, Schrödinger could behave tenderly and sweetly when give treats, affection or pets, but he has no real sense of attachment or genuine deep emotions. He’s purely evil, plain and simple, he is pure and innocent which makes him a frightening creation: he has no choice but to be like that and has no hope to change.

He’s rude and blunt with his elders if something rubs him wrong, and he just loves to mock losers before vanishing out the side. Schrödinger may be powerful and fearsome if he actually did some fighting, but he’s too lazy and prefers to watch things enfolds from a comfortable spot. Like the cat he is. ;)

More information here.

Played by Lorena (sir_hellsing)

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